本文摘要:The Kremlin is working on plans for Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump to hold their first summit in a “neutral” country in Europe within a few months of the presidential inauguration, an approach designed to echo historic attempts at dealmak


The Kremlin is working on plans for Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump to hold their first summit in a “neutral” country in Europe within a few months of the presidential inauguration, an approach designed to echo historic attempts at dealmaking and rapprochement between Washington and Moscow.克里姆林宫正在制订弗拉基米尔?普京(Vladimir Putin)与唐纳德?特朗普(Donald Trump)在后者就职总统后数月内在欧洲某个“中立国”举办首次会谈的计划,此举目的交织华盛顿与莫斯科之间相爱交易和达成协议妥协的历史性尝试。“The first meeting should take place neither in Russia nor in the US but in a neutral third country,” said an official in the Russian presidential administration. “It certainly won’t be London, and it won’t be Germany, because they’re both too hostile to Russia. It can’t be France — that would be seen as inappropriate because they have an election campaign going on. What about Iceland?”俄罗斯总统府的一位官员回应:“第一次会谈既不应当在俄罗斯,也不应当在美国,而是应当在一个中立的第三国。当然不是伦敦,也会是德国,因为这两个地方都对俄罗斯过分敌意。也无法在法国——那将被视作不适合,因为他们即将举办竞选活动。

冰岛怎么样?”Trump officials denied a Sunday Times report that they had informed British officials of plans for a summit with the Russian president in Reykjavik within weeks of the inauguration. But two Russian officials said Moscow was working on such a plan. Mr Putin’s press secretary did not respond to a request for comment. Russia’s RIA news agency quoted the press secretary as saying yesterday that there had been no talks about a possible meeting between Mr Putin and Mr Trump.特朗普手下人员坚称了《星期日泰晤士报》(Sunday Times)的一则报导,即他们告诉他英国官员,计划决定特朗普在其就任后的数周内与俄罗斯总统在雷克雅未克会谈。但两位俄罗斯官员回应,莫斯科正在制订此类计划。普京的新闻发言人没对此记者的置评催促。

俄新社(Ria Novosti)昨日援引这位新闻发言人的话说道,没就普京与特朗普之间有可能的会谈举办商讨。Mike Pence, US vice president-elect, said yesterday that improving relations and working with Russia to combat terrorism was a high priority for the incoming administration. “We have a terrible relationship with Russia right now. That really is a failure of American diplomacy in successive administrations. And what [Mr Trump] is determined to do is to explore the possibility of better relations,” Mr Pence told Fox News.美国被选为副总统迈克?彭斯(Mike Pence)昨日回应,提高关系以及与俄罗斯合作压制恐怖主义是将要就职的美国行政当局的优先事项。彭斯向福克斯新闻(Fox News)回应:“我们现在与俄罗斯关系紧张。

这感叹的美国历届政府的外交告终。(特朗普)决意要做到的事情是探寻提高关系的可能性。”The Kremlin views a Putin-Trump summit as a crucial opportunity to repair a relationship which, wrecked by the crises in Ukraine and Syria, it believes has badly deteriorated. The choice of Iceland evokes memories of the 1986 talks in Reykjavik, the capital, between US president Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev that laid the foundations for a nuclear arms control treaty a year later.克里姆林宫将普京-特朗普峰会视作修缮俄罗斯指出已相当严重好转的两国关系的最重要机遇,这种关系因乌克兰和叙利亚危机遭毁坏。

把会谈地点选在冰岛让人回想1986年美国总统罗纳德?里根(Ronald Reagan)与苏联领导人米哈伊尔?戈尔巴乔夫(Mikhail Gorbachev)在冰岛大城雷克雅未克的商讨,那次商讨为一年后达成协议一项核武器掌控条约奠下了基础。The presidential administration official and a second senior Russian government official expected the summit to take place before the summer, but added that the Kremlin did not want to rush Mr Trump.上述俄罗斯总统府官员和另一位俄罗斯政府高官预计峰会将在夏季前举办,但他们补足称之为,克里姆林宫想劝说特朗普。Russian observers said the summit was most likely to be pegged to Mr Trump’s expected visit to the UK. “When Trump visits the UK — and that may be as soon as February or May — he will probably visit a couple of other countries in Europe as well, and then he can see Putin on that occasion in a nice place somewhere,” said Andrey Kortunov, director-general of the Russian International Affairs Council, a government-backed diplomatic think-tank. “The key question is whether Trump meets Putin on his way to Europe or on the way back.”俄罗斯仔细观察人士回应,此次峰会最有可能与特朗普采访英国的计划一起决定。

“特朗普在采访英国时(最先可能会在2月或5月成事),他有可能还不会采访另外两个欧洲国家,预计他可以借此机会在某个不俗的地方与普京会谈,”由政府反对的外交智库俄罗斯国际事务理事会(Russian International Affairs Council)主任安德烈?科尔图诺夫(Andrey Kortunov)回应,“关键的问题是特朗普与普京的会谈是在他去欧洲时还是在他回国时。”US intelligence about alleged Russian hacking of the Democratic party and accusations of a broader operation to influence the US election have put Mr Trump under pressure not to appear too friendly towards Moscow.美国情报部门有关俄罗斯因涉嫌对美国民主党展开黑客攻击,以及俄罗斯发动更加普遍行动以影响美国议会选举的结论,让特朗普面对压力,使其无法变得对俄罗斯过分友好关系。